What can I use instead of Omegle?

what can I use instead of Omegle

Video chat sites like Omegle is really popular these days and the reason behind that is pretty much people wanting to meet with random strangers and have some fun! Before this video chat technology, we had to go outside and chat with random strangers on the street or somewhere else, just to socialize. But right now, with this technology we can pretty much video chat with strangers online for free easily. The starter of this trend was Omegle but right now Omegle having a breakdown. What I mean by that is pretty much Omegle have gotten old and having almost no updates whatsoever.

Do people still use Omegle?

Some people still do use Omegle, the reason behind that is pretty much Omegle being one the oldest video chat site out there. And some people just can’t leave their old habits like using this one of the first video chat site to video chat with random strangers online.

Is there any good video chat site out there other than Omegle?

Of course! Glad you have asked. I have actually gathered some of the coolest video chat sites for video chat with random strangers online for free to let you see. We always need some change and the change we need is given by others most of the time. Today I will be trying to give you that change so you can try out something different than using Omegle!

Some cool Omegle alternative video chat sites

Before I tell you about the video chat sites, I will be showing you. I want to clear out some of the stuff that you might have experience after reading this post. First thing is pretty much letting you know that there are tons of video chat sites to visit but I will be giving you some of the best Omegle alternative video chat sites so that you don’t have to waste time looking them up. So, let’s start and see what you can potentially use instead of Omegle.


The EmeraldChat is a free video chat site that has an elegant design and a style which gives people eyes comfy time while they video chat with random strangers or use the 1 on 1 text chat which is free to use! But here is one of the most important features that you can possibly get in a free video chat site which is a gender filter! Yes, a gender filter which helps you with if you are bored of keep matching with the same gender you can simply switch it to the other side really easy just by giving Emerald Chat a small fee so they can also improve themselves! EmeraldChat is a must visit site and you should consider visiting this cool and free video chat site!


We need someone all the time. Celebrating a special day, graduating, summertime parties, concerts, playing video games, going to the gym as well as in bad days but you understood the point. Bad days or good days we always need someone to communicate to share our opinions, thoughts and discuss about anything in our life. That’s why we have ChatHub free online video chat site with random strangers which is one of the most fun video chat site to find someone that you are compatible with these days and have fun in the meantime try Chat Hub today!


Shagle is one of the best free video chat site you can possibly get for starting a free video chat with random strangers right away! Even if you are shy Shagle got your back with the masking your precious identity whenever you want to chat with random strangers. You can take a visit right now and start chat with people that lives in more than 70 countries! If you are feeling like adventurous, you can get premium and access to 200 countries and start video chat with random strangers right away!

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