Emerald Chat Best Omegle Alternative Online Chat Site

Emerald Chat Best Omegle Alternative Online Chat Site

Emerald Chat is the best Omegle alternative on the market. Some alternative chat sites have grown a lot since Omegle is no longer preferred. Emerald Chat is one of them. Even Emerald Chat is the fastest and most growing site. The Emerald Chat team’s constant updating of the site and adding new features have benefited a lot. They made the system faster and safer.  I will explain some emerald chat features for you.

Emerald Chat Best Omegle Alternative Online Chat Site

Emerald Chat Features

Interest matching system

Emerald Chat looks at your interests while matching you with strangers. You will match users whose interests you have chosen are similar. This way you will have more to talk about. If you like to cook, it can be a bit boring to listen to your partner’s football narration. Emerald Chat is trying to prevent them. Emerald Chat is best for chatting about what you enjoy talking about.

Emerald Chat interest matching

1 on 1 Text Chat or Video Chat mode

1 on 1 Chat Emerald Chat

Emerald Chat allows you to find a partner and online video chat. Also, Emerald Chat offers to text chat mode. If something goes wrong with your camera or microphone, you don’t have to end the chat. You can continue chatting with your partner from the text section.

Emerald Chat Group chat mode

Thanks to Emerald Chat’s group chat mode, you can create a group about your interest or you can login a group about you interest. 12 users can login these chat groups. You have the chance to meet 12 people at once or you can invite your friends to the group and have a discussion about the job.

Group Chat on Emerald Chat

Photo and media sharing

Emerald Chat sharing photo

With Emerald Chat, you can share photos on your profile and you can send photo to your chat partner. There are no restrictions on share photo in Emeraldchat.info You can share unlimited photos.

Matches by gender filter

Use Emerald Chat’s gender filter and match from you want sex people. If you want, you can match a beautiful woman or a handsome man. The choice is up to you.

Gender Filter on Emerald Chat

Emerald safe chat

Emerald Safe Chat

Thanks to Emerald Chat, safe chat is no longer a dream. We have mentioned that Emerald is constantly updated. Thanks to these updates, Emerald chat is now the safest chat site. Your conversations are not recorded to threaten later. The users that pose a threat to you are quickly detected and these users are banned. Also, you have the right to complain about users who are bothering you. If it is determined that the photos you use in Emerald Chat are maliciously used, criminal action will be applied.

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